Full Cast and Crew Credits

The House of Schudder

Directed by: Martin Philip Stevens

Written by: Martin Philip Stevens

Produced by: Martin Philip Stevens

Cast: Jenna Sander (as Laura Windsor)

Cast: Logan James Hall (as Steve Westward)

Cast: Ariana Ruckle (as Woman in Hall)

Production Manager: Steve Sherrick

Camera Operator: Ken Willinger SOC

Camera Operator: Steve Sherrick

Gaffer: Stephen Kaye

Key Grip: Dave Hallas

Location Sound Recordist: Ryan Barrett

Location Sound Recordist: John Osborne

Boom Operator: Dia Donnelly

Makeup and Hair: Navya La Shay

Makeup and Hair: Kristen Strassel

Still Photographer: David Neault

Scenic Artist: Carrie Capizzano

Scenic Artist: Julian Osorio

Scenic Artist: Jeanne Hereth

Scenic Painter: Jose Osorio

Scenic Painter: Helen McCarthy

Set Carpenter: Fred Arrowsmith

Set Carpenter: Robert Arrowsmith

Structural Engineer: Jeffrey Rangel

Set Construction Consultant: Alec Anderson

Draftsman: William Johnson

Draftsman: Fred Young

Plaster: Ramone Baloneque

Construction Electrician: David Balkcom

Location Carpenter: Stephen Crosby

Location Carpenter: Thomas Tracy

Machinist: James Primavera

Machinist: Travis Jonak

Welder: Michael Tupper

Fire Deputy: Mark Douglass

Electrical Consultant: Guy Holt

Location Assistant: Jack McWilliams

Accountant: Colleen Degnan-Daley

Legal: Sandra Forman

Legal: Theodore Lund

Web Developer: George Whitcher

Production Assistant: Katrina Phillips

Production Assistant: Kurt Bergeron

Production Assistant: David Neault

Production Assistant: Henri Stabley

Production Assistant: Henry Kennedy

Production Assistant: George Whitcher

Production Assistant: Jacob Gfroerer

Production Assistant: Thomas Howie

Production Support: David Stevens

Production Support: Peter Stevens

Production Support: Monica Rothwell

Vocal Performer: Ekaterina Mamysheva

Vocal Performer: Natalja Sticco

Director of Photography: Martin Philip Stevens

Music Composed by: Martin Philip Stevens

Production Designer: Martin Philip Stevens

Edited by: Martin Philip Stevens

Sound Design: Martin Philip Stevens

Casting: Martin Philip Stevens

Visual Effects: Martin Philip Stevens

“Transcending the Barrier of Shadows”
Composed by John Eye